About Caamano Bros

In a few short months, a sidewalk homemade soda pop stand has grown to include farmer’s market booths, distribution in local restaurants, sales throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and now distribution in many other Western States

The Caamaño brothers, Sebastián and Alejandro, began this business early in 2010 at the ages of 13 and 12 when they witnessed their parents creating their own mineral water and asked them if they could do the same with soda pop. Their father Christopher, a gourmet chef, enthusiastically embraced the idea and thus Caamaño Bros. Soda Pop Co. was born.

Living in the California Bay Area, with its abundance of gourmet restaurants and privately owned farm fresh grocers, great food has always been a large part of the Caamaño lifestyle, and is also valued by the local population. Our soda pop is no different. All natural flavorings and spices culled from a wide variety of suppliers combined with pure cane sugar produce a flavoring syrup which has been widely popular. Six distinct flavors have been developed with High Noon Sarsaparilla, our signature drink, being our choice to introduce the Caamaño Bros. Soda Pop to the marketplace.

We are confident that our line of sodas will appeal to our target market because of the all natural ingredients we use, unlike the major soda companies. We use pure cane sugar, and our only flavorings are essential oils and natural extracts.

We strongly believe that our choice of ingredients and our attention to details give us a product with far superior taste and quality.

photo by Mark Altenberg