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High Noon Sarsaparilla

The grandfather of contemporary American rootbeer, sarsaparilla began as a tonic for what ailed ya and subsequently a delectable soda pop. Our all natural "SASS" will bring you back to a time when pleasure and benefit were intertwined.


Hawaiian Ginger Ale

Unlike conventional ginger ale, ours is derived from all natural ginger root and meyer lemons to deliver an extremely fruit forward and wholesome flavor. Perfect on a hot day.


Wild Black Cherry

Big, robust cherry juice flavor with just the right tartness to deliver the taste of fresh sun-ripened cherries without being overwhelmingly sour. A traditional American favorite.

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Vanilla Cream

In years past, an American cream soda was made by adding a dollop of cream into a tall glass of soda water and vanilla extract. While this formulation cannot be captured in a single product, we have focused on bringing you an all natural flavor derived from organic Madagascar vanilla beans, with the highest vanillin content attainable. Enjoy straight up or with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream.


Red Birch Beer

An East Coast favorite. Our birch beer is derived from essential oils, primarily from the bark of the Sweet Southern Birch. As always, we add only natural coloring to our sodas. What you see is what you enjoy.


Foxy Grape

Born of sweet vine-ripened Concord grapes, often referred to as "fox" grape, our all natural grape soda delivers a pure, fresh fruit flavor which captures the delicate essence of our native North American grapes.